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During the December 2016 Global Solutions Institute Conference Proceedings, multiple Fulbright Alumni gathered in Little Rock to share their diverse experiences and help encourage the acceleration of technology deployment. It was announced at the Proceedings that Fulbright Alumni from many countries with will be invited, along with others, to participate in a new Global Solutions Institute Fulbright Program.


This Program is likely to generate research related to technology deployment solutions in multiple fields and lead to the Publication of a Journal of Global Technology Deployment. The Conference focused on ways to identify and mobilize many of the more than 200,000 Fulbright Scholar Alumni around the world. They will be invited to generate interest in technology deployment in their respective countries to address growing global resource shortages and sustainability issues.

Many of these Fulbright Alumni are prominent leaders in government, business, education, nongovernmental organizations or other important sectors of the global economy. This undertaking will potentially introduce hundreds of problem solving technologies to dozens of countries around the world with the Fulbright Alumni acting as “bridges” between the technology companies and the entrepreneurs and established businesses seeking the rights to distribute the technologies leading to massive scaling of the technologies to help people all over the world.

Also during the Proceedings several universities announced the creation of the Higher Education Cleantech Consortium (HECC) to link Universities with the private sector technology companies, NGOs and others to help promote the development and deployment of problem solving technologies. Collaboration between the HECC and the Global Solutions Institute Fulbright Program will, as a first step, invite HECC Universities to invite Fulbright Scholars currently studying on their campuses to become involved in the GSI Fulbright Program.

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